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Washington State University Compliance and Civil Rights

Safety Options

If you have experience sex or gender-based violence, there may be campus safety options available to you, as well as protection orders and safety shelters.

Campus Safety Options

When the Compliance and Civil Rights receives a complaint of sexual misconduct, CCR will assess whether immediate actions must be taken for the safety and security of any person involved.  CCR works with the Dean of Students to assist parties with potential interim safety measures such as:

  • Room/dormitory changes
  • Class schedule changes
  • Withdrawal from classes without penalty
  • Temporary trespass orders
  • No contact agreements
  • Interim suspension

Protection Orders

A protection order or a restraining order can be obtained that would order another person to remain a certain distance away from you at all times and prohibit any contact or communication.  If the recipient of a protection order or restraining order breaks those rules, he/she would have violated the order and would be subject to disciplinary actions.  Please note, restraining orders are useful in some situations, but because they rely on the recipient to follow the order (typically, out of fear of further disciplinary actions), some risk of contact still remains.  Information on obtaining a protection order or restraining order can be found at the links below.  If you are in immediate danger, dial 911.

Information for Washington state can be found through Washington State Protection Order Resources 

Additional information can be found through Washington Law Help Resources

Latah County Resources 

If you need help navigating the process to obtain a restraining order, a legal or victim advocate can assist you.



Domestic violence victims and their children can temporarily access safe and secure shelters in their region.