Title IX Coordinators

Title IX Coordinator Responsibilities

The Lead Title IX Coordinator with the assistance of the Deputy Title IX Coordinator are responsible for:

  • Coordinating the university’s efforts to comply with and carry out its responsibilities under Title IX and its implementing regulations;
  • Coordinating the investigation of all complaints of discrimination on the basis of sex;
  • Providing yearly training to the other Title IX administrators on WSU specific practices;
  • Providing consultations and making recommendations to university departments regarding Title IX compliance, including, but not limited to, providing review and recommendations on:
    • Employment practices
    • Single-sex courses/extracurricular activities
    • Admissions, recruitment, and/or advising practices
  • Reviewing Title IX materials, pamphlets, trainings, communications, and other documents to ensure compliance with Title IX;
  • Ensuring WSU grievance procedures comply with Title IX;
  • Coordinating employee climate surveys, related to Title IX;
  • Developing and coordinating employee trainings on sexual harassment and sexual misconduct;
  • Providing Title IX training to Deputy Title IX Coordinators and/or liaisons on a yearly basis;
  • Record-keeping of Title IX complaints and monitoring for patterns; and
  • Analyzing data and developing reports.

Holly Ashkannejhad 
Compliance and Civil Rights
Washington State University
French Admin 220
Pullman, WA 99164-1022
Fax: (509) 335-5483

Jenna Van Klaveren
Assistant Director, Investigations
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Compliance and Civil Rights

Deputy Title IX Coordinator – Student Affairs

Student Affairs helps ensure WSU’s compliance with Title IX by:

  • Referring complaints to CCR as appropriate;
  • Coordinating academic and support services for students, including for students experiencing Title IX concerns and who are pregnant and parenting;
  • Coordinating interim measures for reporting and responding parties, which may include, but is not limited to, coordinating housing, support resources, and/or academic/work schedules;
  • Coordinating primary prevention and awareness training for new students;
  • Receiving training on Title IX from CCR or external resources on a yearly basis;
  • Administering the student campus climate survey; and
  • Delegating the above tasks as appropriate within Student Affairs – if delegated, the Deputy Title IX Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the delegate is trained and knowledgeable about their specific responsibilities. Delegates may be identified as a Title IX Liaison, in order to appropriately identify them to students.

Domanic Vanthom
WSU Vancouver
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment

Jane Summers
WSU Spokane
Director of Student Affairs and Wellness
Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Sean McNaughton
WSU Everett
Emergency Management, Building and Grounds Supervisor
Deputy Title IX Co-coordinator

Title IX – HRS

HRS helps ensure WSU’s compliance with Title IX by:

  • Providing information on WSU processes for reporting, as well as resource information, on request;
  • Providing advice and recommendations regarding Title IX Compliance for employees to CCR, HRS, the Office of the Provost, and/or the Faculty Senate, as needed;
  • Referring complaints to CCR as appropriate;
  • Serving as a knowledge expert regarding interim measures and sanctioning processes in employee investigations;
  • Providing support, recommendations, and review for equity in employment compensation, search processes, and job descriptions.

Human Resource Services

Title IX – Athletics

Athletics helps ensure WSU’s compliance with Title IX by:

  • Coordinating Title IX training and education for student athletes, coaches, and athletic administrators and staff;
  • Coordinating, delegating, and/or participating in Title IX compliance reviews relating to equity in Athletics, including but not limited to:
    • Student interests and abilities
    • Athletic benefits and opportunities
    • Athletic financial assistance
    • Compensation equity
    • Facilities equity
    • Policy equity
  • Coordinating athletics related interim measures;
  • Referring complaints to CCR as appropriate; and
  • Delegating the above tasks as appropriate within Athletics.

Kelli Kamimura
Associate Athletic Director