Sexual Harassment & Gender Based Discrimination

Discrimination, on the basis of sex and/or gender, is prohibited by WSU Executive Policy 15 Discrimination in all its forms, including harassment, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct, destroys mutual respect and a trusting environment, can bring substantial personal harm to individuals, and violates individual rights. Such behaviors are prohibited and are not tolerated at WSU.

Sex, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity/expression are protected classes. WSU prohibits discrimination on the basis of a protected class.  Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination and is prohibited by EP 15. Sexual harassment includes discriminatory harassment on the basis of sex and/or gender, quid pro quo harassment, stalking, intimate partner violence, sexual exploitation, and nonconsensual sexual contact (including nonconsensual sexual intercourse)

Definitions for each of these are listed in Executive Policy 15 

If you are the victim of discrimination or you become aware of discrimination, CCR may be able to assist you. Learn more about CCR and the university’s policies and procedures regarding sex or gender based discrimination: