Grievance Procedures

Discrimination and Harassment Grievances

Compliance and Civil Rights (CCR) is WSU’s central intake and referral office for discrimination and harassment-based violence complaints from students, staff, faculty, and visitors or guests. CCR collaborates with other university offices that receive and address complaints and problems in educational environments and workplaces throughout the university. There are multiple options to individuals with concerns of discrimination and harassment. CCR can meet with you to discuss supportive measures, resolution options, and formal grievance procedures, as well as other confidential and non-confidential resources available to you. CCR can investigate formal complaints of discrimination and harassment.

CCR investigates complaints, facilitates resolutions, and facilitates supportive measures for concerns that implicate the following policy:

To learn more about grievance procedures, supportive measures, and options available to you, contact CCR for an intake consultation:, 509-335-8288, French Administration Building Room 225. Interpretive services and accommodations are available upon request.

CCR follows the following guidelines when investigating a complaint:

CCR Procedural Guidelines

Information on Student Conduct Procedures:

Standards of Conduct for Students

Center for Community Standards 

Interpretative services are available upon request.

Advisors and Support Persons:

Complainants and Respondents (Participants, jointly) participating in CCR’s process have the right to have an Advisor and/or a Support Person assist them through the process.  Participants are responsible for identifying and supplying their own Advisors and Support Persons.  Advisors and Support Persons serve different roles in CCR’s process, as follows:

An Advisor provides guidance and assistance to Participants.  This guidance may involve assisting a Participant with submitting a complaint, responding to allegations, reviewing evidence, or preparing for a sanctioning or disciplinary process.  An Advisor is often a person whom the Participant trusts for guidance, such as a family member, advisor, or attorney.

Support Person provides emotional support to Participants.  A Support Person is often a friend, family member, or victim advocate.

Participants may select their own Advisors and/or Support Persons; however, Participants are encouraged to select individuals who are not witnesses in their matter, to preserve the integrity of the investigation.

If Participants want an Advisor to assist them in CCR’s process, Participants will need to complete this form.

Advisor Designation

CCR reserves the right to confirm identification as needed by requesting WSU or state issued identification.