Campus Security Authority & CLERY Act

Clery Act at WSU

For an overview of what the Clery act is, Who is a Campus Security Authority (CSA), What is my role as a CSA, Clery Geography, and Clery Crimes please refer to the CSA handout.

Looking for training?

CCR offers the Clery Act – CSA training which includes topics such as, the Clery Act and what a Campus Security Authority (CSA) is, along with the unique role and responsibilities they hold here at WSU.

How to report:

For all emergencies dial 911

Please note, CSA reporting requirements are defined federally. However, WSU employees, with or without CSA responsibilities, may have additional reporting requirements under WSU’s policies. Please visit WSU reporting requirements for more information.

Report all crimes and other emergencies directly to local campus security or law enforcement. You can contact your law enforcement or campus security office via telephone, or you can click on the below links to use an online reporting form. The online reporting forms send information directly to your campus security or law enforcement office.

Reporting Forms

Why CSA crime reporting is important

  • To fulfill WSU’s responsibility to disclose Clery crime statistics annually.
  • To issue “Timely Warnings” and “Emergency Notifications” for Clery crimes and events that pose a serious or continuing threat to the campus community.

Annual Security Reports

Annual Security and Fire Safety (where applicable) Report are available online at the links below.  These reports provide information on crime statistics, emergency response and warning procedures, security policies, fire safety policies, educational programs, and procedures available to address crimes, including dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Paper copies are also available upon request; requests can be made to

Annual Security Report Pullman and additional sites

Spokane/Yakima – Annual Security Report

Tri-Cities – Annual Security Report

Vancouver – Annual Security Report

Everett – Annual Security Report

Additional Resources

U.S. Department of Education: The Handbook for Campus Safety and Security Reporting

20 U.S. Code § 1092.Institutional and financial assistance information for students