Self-ID of Employee Demographic Information

WSU is committed to providing equal opportunity in education, employment, and all aspects of university activities. Due to this commitment and the requirements of federal law, it is critical for WSU to collect and assess student and employee demographic data to further our retention and recruitment endeavors. Your responses to the voluntary Employee Demographic Information within Workday is very helpful in our efforts to create a rich and inclusive WSU community.  

To review, add, or make changes to your demographic information, click on your profile picture on the top right corner of your Workday screen, and click View Profile. Next, click on the Actions bar directly below your name and title, and click on the following actions under Personal Data to access your information: 

  • Change My Personal Information 
  • Change My Veteran Status Information 
  • Change Self-Identification of Disability 

Please note, demographic information is collected pursuant to federal guidelines. WSU recognizes that the federal categories do not necessarily embrace the full diversity of the WSU workforce.  

Detailed instruction can be found at the following link:

Getting Started With Workday Guide: Modify Your Personal Information

For questions about how this information may be used visit the following link:

FAQ for Collection of Personal Demographic Information