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Washington State University Compliance and Civil Rights

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Relevant State and Federal Agencies

Please see the following websites for more information on state and federal laws, and how to file a complaint outside WSU.

Advisors and Support Persons

Complainants and Respondents (Participants, jointly) participating in CCR processes have the right to have an Advisor, which can also be an attorney, and/or a Support Person.  Participants are responsible for identifying their own advisors and support persons; however, if a matter involving students moves to a University Conduct Board process, the students may select from a list of advisors who have specific expertise about that process.  Advisors and support persons serve different roles in the process, as follows:

  • An Advisor provides guidance and assistance to Participants. This guidance may involve assisting a Participant with submitting a complaint, responding to allegations, reviewing evidence, or preparing for a sanctioning or disciplinary process. An Advisor is often a person whom the Participant trusts for guidance, such as a family member, advisor, or attorney. Advisors with specific expertise about the University Conduct Board process for students are also available through the Office of the Dean of Students.
  • A Support Person provides emotional support to Participants.  A Support Person is often a friend, family member, or victim advocate.

Participants may select their own Advisors and/or Support Persons; however, Participants are encouraged to select individuals who are not witnesses in their matter, to preserve the integrity of the investigation.

Please identify your Advisor using the “Advisor Identification/Release” online form below. Advisors will need to complete the below “Advisor Attestation” online form below. These forms are not required for victim advocates or Support Persons.

Advisor Identification/Release Online Form

Advisor Attestation