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Washington State University Compliance and Civil Rights

Troubleshooting the Clery Act Training

1. Select Clery Act – CSA Training from the CSA webpage

2. Login to the WSU HRS Training system (If you are unable to login here you will need to work with HRS Training)

3. After logging in you should see this screen:

Screenshot 1 of Clery Act Training

4. Select LAUNCH from the upper right hand corner – if it prompts you to continue or restart the training select Restart

Screenshot 2 of Clery Act Training

5. A new window will open and look like this:

6. Follow the onscreen instructions and quickly double click the red button that says “Clery Act Training”

7. A new window will open and look like this:

Screenshot 4 of Clery Act Training

8. Select Next

9. You will be asked to login with your network ID

10. Confirm you name, email and enter your WSU ID number:

Screenshot 5 of Clery Act Training

11. Watch the short training video – video will not auto play

Screenshot 6 of Clery Act Training

12. Select Next

13. The quiz page will open and you will have 6 questions

14. Complete the quiz (a score of 6 is considered passing)and select Next

15. Follow the onscreen instructions

Screenshot 7 of Clery Act Training

16. Close the window and return to this screen:

17. Select Next

18. Answer the question and select Submit

You are done

  • If you received a score of 6 your record will be updated by CCR and HRS as a successful completion
  • If you received a score of 5 or less you will need to retake the training in order for your record to be updated