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Washington State University Compliance and Civil Rights

2018 Affirmative Action Feedback Form

Each year, as we prepare the WSU Affirmative Action Plan we conduct various statistical analyses to evaluate diversity recruitment activities throughout the university.  But the Affirmative Action Plan is more than just statistical analysis.  It is meant to be a road map to guide future outreach activities and diversity planning strategies.  To help inform that road map we need your feedback on what has worked well and what has not worked so well in your recruitment activities over the past year.  We would like to gather feedback on the following four topics:  Advertising and Outreach, Training and Resources for Search Committees, Communication and Implementation of Diversity Recruitment Strategy, and Suggestions for Improvement.  Your feedback may be incorporated into the WSU Affirmative Action Plan and may be shared with the Campus Culture and Climate working groups.  We plan to have the 2019 Affirmative Action Plan complete at the start of the new year so it would be most helpful to get feedback before then, however, we still want to hear what you think even if it comes in later.

  • Did you try any new advertising vendors or outreach strategies? How did it go?
  • Did your search committees receive additional training above and beyond what was provided in previous years? Was the training useful/beneficial? Were any additional resources made available for specific searches?
  • How was the College/Area/Department's strategy communicated to search committees and how was it implemented?
  • Were there any significant points of frustration or difficulty in your recruitment processes? Have you developed any plans or strategies for improvement in the future? Do you have suggestions for changes in central processes?